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Sunday, August 10, 2014

20 Ways You Will Absolutely Love living in Cuenca Ecuador!

Reading about Cuenca Ecuador and all the glitz encourages folks to want to retire here, and that’s great! We read about all the wonderful things in Cuenca and it makes us excited about a new life abroad; nothing wrong with that. Frank and I were armchair travelers for 25-years before our move to Cuenca.

We do however, highly recommend everyone come experience Cuenca for themselves for at least one year. After one year of living here we think you’ll know if Cuenca is a good fit for you.

Why People Leave Cuenca

The biggest reason why people move from Cuenca is because they do not know what they want. They know they need a change but really don’t know what that might entail. Folks come here without really knowing what they are coming to.

Sure they want to get out of dodge and experience something new and live where it’s cheaper and near perfect weather, etc. But these things are not enough to make a person adjust to all the many differences in a totally dissimilar environment and culture; it’s not enough to make a person feel content in their life.

Remember the saying: Money cannot buy happiness/love. So then if we go by that logic we know that going somewhere just because we can fill our medications “cheaper”, or eat out for less is not going to make us happier or more content from within; I mean not really.

The truth is you can be sitting in front of your computer reading all the glorified articles and watching all the cool videos about Cuenca but there is still so much concealed from your five senses that your perception of what Cuenca is really like can be off kilter, until you experience it all for yourself.

So come on over and experience it for yourself! Who knows, you may fall in love with Cuenca like some folks have, or maybe you won't.

These top 20 ways “why you will love Cuenca” are not in order, but you might want to put them in the order as to what you believe merits them to be the most important to your enjoyment and happiness.

Understand that if a "why" does not meet your character or experience it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t like Cuenca, but it probably does.

1. You are not picky, demanding, or a difficult person. You are easy-going and have a “live and let live attitude”.

2. You have experienced a Latin American country before but that was when you were over the age of 30-years old.

3. You don’t care about experiencing the different seasons in the weather, like leaves falling off the trees, snow on the ground, oranges and reds in the leaves on the trees, or icicles hanging from your house eaves; etc.

4. You do not like hot weather and hot summer activities, such as swimming in a pool, or going to the lake, sailing, boating; etc.

5. You adapt well to change and have a high-stress threshold.
Remember, you’re coming to a seemingly unorganized way of doing things and a totally different kind of culture. You will need to adapt or you will NOT like it here.

6. You have a pension or income of at least $1,500 and do not mind lowering your US standards to meet your $1,500 in Cuenca.

7. You already know basic Spanish or you are eager to learn Spanish.

8. You’re a mountain person.

9. You will have extra finances for air flights to visit your children and grandchildren in the US if and when you get homesick.

10. If you live in a house, you won’t mind iron bars on your windows, two or three stories, small postage stamp lawns, and living in a townhome, as 95% of the houses are attached to one another here. (Expats have told us they feel closed-in, or somewhat claustrophobic from the tall gated bars and walls)

11. You will not mind the dogs barking through the night, roosters crowing very early in the morning, and cows mooing in any available green space by your home. (This is something you actually get accustomed to).

12. You like old world charms and architecture, even though it comes with complimentary smog.

13. You won’t mind getting honked at by car drivers as you’re racing to cross the street. In fact, you won’t mind losing your pedestrian rights because there aren’t any here!

14. You won’t mind buying real estate from other foreigners because they speak English, and paying u.s. or near u.s. prices!

15. You will not mind seeing an assortment of sickly, sad looking, stray dogs, even poodles, hungrily roaming the streets of Cuenca. (Don’t worry they do not attack; in fact most of the strays are very docile animals).

16. You will not mind the dreadful smells coming up out of the sewers as you walk down the street.

17. You won’t mind getting gringo gouged for everything that is not a fixed price, in fact you rather welcome the challenge of finding out what you should be paying instead.

18. You will not mind paying twice as much for electronics and anything imported.

19. You don’t care too much about “things”, meaning you do not have a “keep up with the Joneses attitude”. And you do not feel the need to impress others with your house and furnishings.

20. You are not tied down with the responsibility of being (or wanting to be) parents or grandparents.

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