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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Live Comfortably on Less than $1000 in Cuenca Ecuador!

We've been living comfortably, happy, and healthy in Cuenca Ecuador for over three years! We miss absolutely nothing in our lives. We have everything we could possibly ever want and need. Everyone can do what we do with the exception of possibly building your own furniture. However furniture is a one time expense and with more and more expats coming to Cuenca it is very easy to sell your furniture to gringos moving here, if you ever decide to move!
The Point: It is possible to live on $1000 a month in Cuenca, IF you go local!
Expat Family Living Frugal, Healthy, and Happy in Cuenca Ecuador! We don't just tell people how they can save money, we LIVE it!

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  1. Great video and help! I'm coming to Cuenca for first time the end of May to see how I like it and explore. It was great getting some insight on prices and the bargaining which seems a lot like Mexico. If I do decide to move there I don't want to be one of the gringo's that drive up prices and hurt others. Thanks!


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