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Friday, November 28, 2014

$350 for This 4 BED 2-1/2 Bath, NEW, Open, Bright Westside Home!

RENTED! This is a wonderful home, located in a quiet neighborhood but still close to shopping and restaurants. Views of gringolandia and the beautiful Cuenca Andes Mountains from two of the bedrooms. Green space for the dog(s) and the home is surrounded by an electric fence, plus the house has an alarm system. Other nice homes in the area!
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  1. Wow very nice. It will not remain unleashed for long amigos!

  2. Thank you so much for showing this one. We were wondering if you would post lower-cost housing again. This is a welcomed sight.

    We agree that it is shameful so many Gringos move there and compare real estate prices to those back in their respective homelands. Because many of the prices fall below expectations, some quickly jump at the asking prices. WHAT A SHAME.

    Doing this is only going to make Ecuador like Costa Rica and Panama, if people like you do not
    keep the word out.

    We had Thanksgiving dinner with an Ecuadorian family living here in Florida. Their mother flew in from Cuenca. The entire family plans on returning to EC in the future. The theme throughout our discussions on EC was for people to stop taking the first price and settling for "Gringo Gouging."

    Tom and Cheryl Allen
    Lake Wales, Florida


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