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Monday, December 29, 2014

What Is New Years Eve Like in Ecuador? It Can Get CRAZY!

The photo is of three life-sized dolls made to look like light rail workers. As we were walking by we had to do a double take because they looked so real. Tomorrow night (New Year's Eve/Day) they will burn the dolls and that is how the Ecuadorians bring in the New Year. See the Video below of more New Year's Eve antics.
We were taking a taxi from the Terminal Terrestre into El Centro of Quito on New Year's Eve and this is what it was like? The cab driver had to keep his window closed and he kept telling us that it gets crazy in Quito on New Year's Eve. Well, see for yourself; here's the video. We're told this crazy stuff goes on in Cuenca on New Years Eve too. As you'll see in this video, about every fifty feet or so, the Ecuadorians throw the dolls they make into a pile and burn them. Burning the dolls symbolizes ridding oneself of their past while hopefully bringing in a new and better year ahead. We like the fireworks.

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