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Friday, January 23, 2015

UPDATE to the 12-Annoying things about Cuenca Ecuador 4-Years Later, and NEW Annoyances

We've been asked numerous times by different expats if we still like Cuenca; and if the old annoyances still bother us; and if we have new annoyances; and if we'll please update the 12 annoyances video. So here's the answer to all of those questions! We thought after almost 4-years of being firmly planted in Cuenca and fully integrating into the Cuenca culture it was high-time we updated the video. BTW, because the topic is so involved it took two episodes but I made it into just one video. So it is kind of long (22 minutes). So go grab your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy!

We're an Expat Family of Five Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy in Cuenca Ecuador! Enjoy the Discover Cuenca Ecuador blog!


  1. I just watched the video. It was excellent. I've been following your videos since around the beginning of your adventure.

    First, the bus fumes really sound like they are bothering several of you. Perhaps a move to a different part of town might be necessary.

    A lot of cities have the same probems with fumes throughout the world. As was noted on the video, maybe the trams will be a big improvement once the building process is completed.

    The new mail situation in Ecuador ith the high taxation is a real downer. I would imagine that this will be reversed since it is so unpopular---but that is just my guess.

    Also, I don't know if you are all missing much in the US. There's still endless hype about terror, There are still more wars and invasions the US is involved in, and the police state continus to grow.

    Also, near the end of the video it sounds like you are all lamenting the fact that living in Ecuador feels like a bit of a trade down---my words, not yours. Well one son was talking about being in school and having a lot of time to study... You don't tend to get that time in the US...

  2. I have asthma so your comments about smog are a bit concerning.


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