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Saturday, May 30, 2015

About Taking a Taxi in Manta, Salinas, or Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador

Bahia de Caraquez
Bahia is the type of town that you will not need to take a taxi because everything is within walking distance, however when the new Paseo Shopping Mall is ready for customers, you may want to take a taxi there because it is further up the main highway, which would be a short ride and cheap fare. 
Walking to the new mall is also a viable and beautiful walk along the boardwalk that one can do if they so choose. Bahia has the tricycle rider that seats two people in the back that takes tourists to and from their hotel, restaurants and shopping within the town. They will most-likely be for hire to take folks to and from the new Paseo Mall as well.

Salinas is sort of laid out the same way as Bahia with most things within walking distance, however to get to Paseo Shopping Mall where the bigger, better priced grocery store is you will need to either take the bus or a taxi as it is located in La Libertad about four miles from the Malecon tourist area. 
FYI: We have never heard of anyone getting robbed or kidnapped taking a taxi in either Salinas or Bahia, however that does not mean it will not happen either. Make sure the taxi is legit by always calling a radio cab or asking the locals for a secure and safe taxi.

Taking a taxi in Manta is safe if you take a taxi from designated taxi areas such as in front of the main beach (Murcielago) located off the Malecon. There are always numerous taxis right there to take tourists around Manta.  Or call a RADIO TAXI from someone you know, have used and trust. Remember that no fare should be more than $3 dollars in and around the city, with many fares only $1.50 -$2.00.
***2015 UPDATE*** Say:  TaxiMetro with the accent on the i. and then check to see if he has a meter on the passenger visor spot and turns it on.  No meter, don’t get in. Ok?

We walked up to the long row of taxis in this section of Manta as we wanted to go look at the airport.  The first taxi asked me $5.  So I shook my head and walked very slowly to the car behind him.  He asks me $4.  I shook my head and walked very slowly to the car behind him.  He asks me $3 bucks, or maybe that’s what I offered him, and we struck a deal.  He took us to the Eloy Alfaro Airport for $3.  On the way back I offered him $2 for the return, for a total of $5, for the round trip, hehe.  See the section about Manta in this coastal travel guide for more detail on safety when ‘taking a taxi’ in Manta.

It is not recommended to hail a taxi off the street in Manta. Follow the taxi guidelines in this guide and you’ll be fine, however, it is always best to stay in the tourist zones, and especially if you have an apparent vulnerability. 

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