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Sunday, July 19, 2015

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe & Secure When Renting Abroad

Note: this article does not apply to detached homes in a gated community with a guard 24/7 at the gate.

In developing countries detached homes can be more at risk for robberies and home invasions. Detached homes are much easier for the thieves to scale the wall and crawl through your window or lock-pick the door.  Some thieves, if they know they’re going to get something of value, will go to a lot of trouble to get inside your yard or home.

1. Whole House Alarm – Turning on the home alarm when you leave is something you WILL NEED to do, not something you should do. If thieves know you’re gone, even for a few hours, they will try and break in.

2. Electric Wiring or Motion Detection w/lights – A thief is going to have a difficult time scaling your wall if it is topped off with electric fencing. But if you do not have electric fence, the next best thing is motion detection. If you’re home in bed sleeping and the thief happens to get inside the gate or wall, you will need to have motion detection to scare them away. You want to make the thief aware someone is up in the house and hopefully they’ll scurry away with none of your things.

3. Tall Walls Surrounding whole House, preferably non-see-through - If you do not have a tall wall surrounding the home, you might as well say, “Come rob me”!  People are funny creatures; they think things won't happen to them, only other people. But things happen to everyone; you better believe it!

4. Locked Door upon Entering Yard Area - If you have the electric fencing than they might try to get in through the door or gate; make sure it is locked up tight. Never, ever leave your gate or door to your property unlocked or left open, even for a few minutes, or you’ll be asking for trouble. And do not allow strangers into your home or yard. Talk to them on the phone inside your home or through the gate.

5. Home like Everyone Else’s in the Neighborhood – If you have the nicest home in the neighborhood, then well, it is expected the thieves will think you have better and more valuable things inside your home too. It’s not our job to know what the thief is thinking; it is our job to keep our home safe. Let the Ecuadorians have the nicest home in the neighborhood; a modest home in an exclusively Ecuadorian neighborhood is what the foreigner needs!

6. Have a Low-Profile Attitude - Do not share your private Information with anyone, that includes letting workers into your home that will enjoy discussing your belongings with 'other people'.

7. Nothing of Value in Sight in the Yard, Carport, or Garage – We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it. Do not have anything of value in your yard that people can just walk by and see.

If you live in a developing Latin American country these are the safety measures that they do and that means it is the safety measures that we also should adhere to. Some of these safety measures are things that hopefully you would have been doing back home as well.  No one is immune to becoming the next home invasion victim, no matter where in the world we may live!

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