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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pretty Coronado Beach - Located 1 Hour (by car) from Panama City, Panama

Frank and I went to Coronado Beach by bus which takes about 2 hours from Panama City. Go to the main Albrook Bus Terminal and tell one of the attendants working there you want to go to Coronado and he'll get you on the right bus. The buses are over-sized vans and make a lot of stops along the way but the views are nice and you get to see many towns along the way. The buses do have air conditioning.

Coronado Beach (the one in this video) is a private beach and is about two miles from the main plaza where Super99 Grocery is. We saw several expat couples shopping in the store, btw. You can hail a taxi to take you the few miles it is to the beach. When you get there you'll see a guard's post and he may or may not ask for your ID...better to have it on you just in case. 

The beach was pretty with lovely fine sand but the tide (at least on the day we were there) was too strong. It gets deep real fast and there was a very strong current, wanting to pull us out.

We spent several hours basking on the beach and just wading in the ocean and during that time we saw two different people walk around the point to go swimming, so there might be a better swimming beach around the point. 

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