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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

37 Reported U.S Citizen Deaths in Ecuador in Last Five Years

Click here to see the statistics of U.S Citizen deaths in Ecuador starting from January 2010 to December 2014. You will have to put in the dates and years in the form provided. We broke it down for you. These 37 deaths of American Citizen Expats in Ecuador are the ones that have been reported.

Breaking it Down

13 Car Accidents – Most of the deaths of U.S Citizens were from car accidents. Still want to drive in Ecuador? It doesn’t say if the expat was driving the car or was just a passenger but it’s a lot of people dying from accidents being inside a car.

Further breaking it down for you, most of the accidents involving automobiles and gringos occurred in larger cities of Guayaquil and Quito. No car accident deaths reported from Cuenca, however.

7 Drowning Deaths – the drowning of American citizens in Ecuador were spread out all along the Ecuador coast and one occurred in Azuay province in the Andes town of Gualaceo. On the coast there was one each in Montanita, Agrio, Puerto Ayora, Salinas, Santa Elena, and Galapagos.

7 Homicides - three of the murders that have been reported in the last five years, occurred in the big city of Quito; there was one murder in Cuenca which happened just last year; it was the stabbing of the expat man.  There was one murder in El Truinfo, another in Guayaquil and another in Puerto Cayo.

4 Other Accidents – what is termed “other accidents” not sure what type of accidents their referring to here; could mean anything such as falls, food poisoning, etc, etc…who knows.

3 Suicides – the three apparent suicides happened in Puerto Ayora, Los Bancos, and Guayaquil.

3 Pedestrian/Car Accidents – You do have to be careful and watchful when walking in Ecuador. Two accidents happened in Quito and the other in Salinas Ecuador.

1 Motorcycle Accident - this cycle accident happened in Guayaquil Ecuador. My son did tell me that he knows of another expat death of a young man on a motor cycle who was living in Cuenca but it was not included (reported) on this list. 

That’s the break down for the last five years of expat (U.S citizens only) reported deaths in Ecuador.

Important Note - This information should not be considered a statistically complete account of U.S. citizen deaths in Ecuador during the reporting period. Only those deaths reported to the Department of State and deaths that can be established as non-natu ral are included. Most American citizens who die abroad were resident abroad and surviving family members might not inform the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate of the death. The report may not include some deaths of U.S. military or U.S. government officials. Identifying information is omitted for privacy. 

Source: Travel State Gov. Statistics

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  1. We had 75 homicides in the little city of 150,000 in Southern California in one year so sounds good to me. :D I'm moving back hehehee ;) Wish I could. :( Putty tat007


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