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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 Things Ecuadorians Love and Hate

This is not a survey. We are simply telling our observations of our experiences on a weekly basis for the last four-plus years. Your miles may vary, but maybe not by much...

5 Things Ecuadorians Love

1. Hollywood Movies
2. Gringos with money
3. Chicken
4. Shoes, clothes and hair gel
5. Walking and eating ice cream

5 Things Ecuadorians Hate

1. Slow drivers
2. Standing/waiting in a line
3. Getting up early in the morning
4. Gringos that complain about "their" country
5. Telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth 
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5 Things Ecuadorians Are Good At

1. Resourcefulness
2. Enjoying and making time with family
3. Pushing their way in front of lines
4. Eating while walking
5. Slow pace of life, until they get behind the wheel of a automobile 

5 Things Ecuadorians Are Not Good At

1. Giving directions
2. Driving in their own lanes
3. Stopping for pedestrians
4. Being straightforward
5. Being on time for appointments - in fact it is culturally acceptable to be late, even for business appointments.

NOTE: Please do not take this offensively; it’s not set in stone, we’re merely talking about our experiences and observations since living here for four-plus years. It certainly does not mean that ALL Ecuadorians exhibit these character traits.   Stay tuned for our “5 Things Cuenca Gringos Love and Hate”.

Until we write again…

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  2. You know I love you guys but hate the whole truth and being straightforward I find offensive since I'm Ecuadorian and my family and I aren't that way at all. We are straightforward and truthful. Maybe your mistaking not wanting to offend untruthful or not straightforward. Anyway have a great day :)

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