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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Cuenca Ecuador Winter Weather (July thru Sept 2015) Unpredictable or Argentina Cold Front

Three years running (2011, 2012, and 2013) the weather in July and August was sunny mornings and unbelievably beautiful warm afternoon days. We’ve always liked the winter weather in the Andes Mountains more than the summer weather because it rains less and the sun shines more. But not this year and not last year either!
Typical skies in Cuenca Ecuador at anytime of the year.

It's funny, but whenever we talk to the locals about the chilly weather in Cuenca they seem to always blame it on Argentina, calling it an Argentina cold front. Now, we know it can get cold in Argentina but can't Ecuador have it's own cold snap, after all this is the Andes Mountains? 

This year we’ve seen a lot more cloudy skies, drizzly rain, cold and damp in the home, and all around dreary weather. What’s up? Could it be the phenomenon called El Nino?  We don’t think so because the weather, according to an update on a article I wrote in 2012, the winter weather was the same as last year, cold and cloudy just like this year in 2015.  Does El Nino double up?

Anyway, finding out if the weather is different because of El Nino would take up a lot of research that I’m not willing to do because in the long run, weather shouldn’t be made of such high importance.  However, there is an amount of expecting the weather to be a certain way and then it’s not, it can be a bit disappointing. Remember: Cuenca Ecuador has unpredictable weather patterns, leaning toward the chilly and cloudy and it can get those dreadful Argentina cold fronts (lol). I think that's what we're having now. 
A typical winter day in Cuenca, so I thought
We wrote an article about what Cuenca weather is like in the wintertime in the Andes Mountains...but this year it has been nothing like what we wrote about, at least so far anyway. It has been downright chilly the last few weeks.

Soon we'll be heading out of winter into a new spring season and that means slightly warmer weather and usually more rain. So have your umbrella and sweater handy in any case and enjoy the spring-like weather. 

Of course this is Cuenca Ecuador so, who knows what kind of weather we might experience this spring. We might have somewhat of a drought and that would be predictable or an Argentina 2-week cold front and that would be predictable too.

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