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Friday, October 09, 2015

Walking to Madre Parque on Tres de Noviembre y Doce de Abril in CUENCA ECUADOR - Oct 2015

Come join us on one of our walks in Cuenca Ecuador. Today we're walking to Parque de la Madre (Mother Park) located in El Vergel area of Cuenca. Enjoy Cuenca with us!
We're an Expat Family of Five, Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy Abroad. We live in Cuenca, Ecuador and travel the Ecuador coast whenever we get a chance. We just adventured throughout the country of Panama for five weeks! Come along and enjoy some of our experiences with us!


  1. I am staying in Casa Cuencana and see the river turning into brook, yes, Angie is calling it right. It is horrible with these so called weather manipulation, they are killing trees and all life slowly. Stopping rain in one area and dumping it all in another area of Earth causing drought and floods! It is true! People have no right to play God ! Check my Libby Hejdukova Facebook page, lots of info from my friends, people who are expert on this subject. We need some serious help to stop those criminals from doing this horrible harm to all!

  2. Always enjoy your walks around Cuenca.


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