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Monday, November 30, 2015


Is it possible for a rich person to be unhappy?  Is it possible for a famous person to have problems or to be unhappy? 

There are plenty of public examples that tell us the answer to that.

Is it possible to retire in the best place in the world to retire on a budget and be unhappy?

And if that is so, then would chasing this dream possibly be an imprecise way to choose a way of living?

Should we be blindly “encouraging” people to move overseas?

And if that is so, then should we be more diligent about how we go about making the choice of retiring or moving abroad?

Should we work harder at understanding what this is all about?

In that pursuit of the truth, we work hard to get to the bottom of the truth of the matter!  And share our findings in everything we write on our websites and in our guides.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” --
John 8:32

It seems we all have a responsibility to think well.
Our websites: www.discovercuencaecuador.com and www.gringogoodsamaritans.com are designed to educate you so you can make a better and more informed decision about moving overseas.

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." –Mark Twain

All Viewpoints Are Not Created Equal

Just because something is published in print, online or aired in the broadcast media does not make it accurate.  In fact, more often than not the larger the audience, the more likely the content is either inaccurate or slanted. The next time you read something about living investing and retiring overseas, you should ask two main questions in order to assess the credibility of the source. 

1. Is the source biased in any way?

2. That is, do they have any agendas which would provide any type of benefit accounting for their views? Most individuals either sell expensive seminars,  slanted loss leader manuals, and/or are partnered or have an ownership interest in some kind of business that benefits which includes real estate. That means their views are biased and cannot be relied upon. 

Why do we follow sheepishly behind other people?  They must know what they’re talking about, and so we trot along behind them: Watch this documentary inspired and hosted by Alain de Botton, based on his book The Consolations of Philosophy

Frank and Angie were the first and only ones to warn people about the potential consequences of living larger than the locals in poor developing countries and it is on record in their 2012 edition and following years of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide on their Discover Cuenca Ecuador and Panama website.

What is happening now in Panama re: the escalation of crime against foreigners is the direct consequence of doing the exact opposite of this advice and listening to retire abroad pumpers with vested interests.

Ask yourself:  why were we the only ones willing to put our warnings in writing every year since 2011 on our website and in early 2012 in our DIY Cuenca Landing Guide?

And now that the cat’s out of the bag with the intention of Ecuador to raise taxes on property changing hands at inheritance time, who’s been warning you all along about the pitfalls and scams about “investing” in real estate abroad all along?  You’re right, Frank and Angie again!

Some say there’s a recession in Ecuador.  Locals tell us that Ecuadorians living and working in the u.s. are no longer sending their money to Ecuador due to the above mentioned potential pitfall in the air. We personally know of Ecuadorian families in New York that had built real estate here in Cuenca, with the intention of bringing their families back, but then, they changed their minds and sold their real estate and have decided to stay in the u.s.

Here's a chart of 'remittances to Ecuador' which shows they are slowing: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/ecuador/remittances

Could that cause a slow down of a small economy such as Ecuador’s?

The fact is if you’ve been following our material you are not concerned.  Instead, all of those that have been following the pied pipers of the retire abroad pumping community have a lot to worry about.  Pumpers and their bull-wash about “the new America".

Come join our exclusive community for all the details about living, moving, retiring and investing abroad. Be the wiser and actually enjoy your retirement experience abroad, no matter where you decide to live. Click here for the details. 

We're an Expat Family of Five, Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy Abroad. We live in Cuenca, Ecuador and travel the Ecuador coast whenever we get a chance. We just adventured throughout the country of Panama for five weeks! Come along and enjoy some of our experiences with us!


  1. How true are your writings Frank and Angie... I found first hand after living in Panama and Colombia that the grass is not always greener OR is it forever so. If things where great years ago I found that they can and do change. I saw people lose tons of money on real estate that was sold out of the trunks of cars by North Americans and Europeans at a McDonald s! Saw some from the UK with the pound$ make good deals and still are making bucks with that deal... saw others lose lots that got in the game late, too!

    There is so much to go over and plan for that the story can't be told in just one book or writing. More and more just to move funds around is becoming a nightmare and can put anyone in view of prying eyes. In those eyes no one is well intended, good luck proving other wise. Likewise bring funds back home.

    Like they say, you don't know half the story and wait until you find out the truth, the hard way. The third world is not the place to up grade, showing off... just living in a middle class apartment can end your life... saw it happen. Guy I met died in Central American, found him in the morgue! Try moving a body anywhere when not even a family member.

    WE are all trying to say that day to day life in North America is nothing like the third world. And if you can't speak the local talk and don't know people to help, you just walked into a real nightmare for sure. Look I could go on for a long time but Frank and Angie are telling it straight... BUT remember it is a long, long story and it keeps changing because the laws and times keep changing like everywhere. Keep lessening to them, keep reading their writings and tell others to review it also. Yes no one knows it all but I have been following these two people for some time and find it creditable.

    Remember the third world is a place of DESPERATE PEOPLE... those that have more are a mark to those that have less. Regards to all


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