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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

There’s a Bug Going Around in Cuenca and it’s Not Pretty, It’s Nasty!

I cannot remember ever being this ill. It started about a week to ten days ago when our oldest son came home with a scratchy throat, headache and feeling really tired. He was sick for one day and was fine.  I guess that’s being young for you. Then our middle son caught what Brandon had except, he was in bed with a weird headache and fever for two days, off and on because whatever this bug is, it drains you of energy.  Angelo still has a persistent dry cough a week later.

A fever always kills the bugs or they leave that host and find another immune deficient body to play their games in, and that happened to be our youngest son. He couldn’t understand why he caught this disgusting bug because he’d been eating lots of garlic ever since the bug became interested in our family. I asked him, “What else have you been eating”?  The two biggest culprits he told me about were milk and sugar.

I promptly told my son, who was very disappointed to catch this terrible bug that only doing one thing right, such as eating garlic, will not necessarily keep you from getting ill with infectious viruses and bugs that are going around.  It is only one line of defense.  We have to keep our body in tip-top shape in all areas of health for our immunity to resist these persistent bugs, and now that we live in Ecuador, maybe new strains of bugs.

So the story goes, Alex had the scratchy throat and fever too and is now sick with a persistent cough.  Come to find out the scratchy throat and the fever keeps waking you up all night long so the next day you will feel really tired and draggy, plus headachy. Ugh!

I still had not contracted the bug and felt fine. So, what stupid thing did I do? Well, I had (only) two pieces of Whitman Sampler chocolate candies (I never indulge like I used to when I was younger) and not but a half hour later my throat began feeling really strange. That’s how it comes on…very slowly and slyly.

Now before I began, let me tell you, Frank and I rarely get sick, except when we allow ourselves to get sick by eating sugar, white flour, having a lot of stress, and being out in the more polluted areas of Cuenca, where more buses travel, etc, etc. 

That day, I had a big plate of chicken and Chinese noodles (white flour) for lunch.  I really wish that I would have combined my food groups properly like Frank did. He ordered the chicken with vegetables, a completely healthy and proper combination of foods.  However, I made a healthy dinner of homemade lentil burgers that night for dinner, but then I go and top it off with  two Whitman Sampler chocolates later that evening. Plus I had coffee with milk. 

Pasteurized products are another big no-no if we want our resistance levels to be unaffected by these nasty critters.
So, the four things I did that made my resistance low was eating white flour, sugar, milk, and going out in the polluted areas of Cuenca…I had too many whiffs of diesel fumes enter into my lungs three days in a row before getting this mean bug.

So, we turn out the lights around 10pm and my throat is feeling slightly scratchy. I get up and gargle with warm salt water and go back to bed. I did somehow fall asleep but awoke from weird dreams, a disgusting sand-paper throat, heart palpitations, chills, and I felt listless. Feeling listless is fine when you are in bed, but what about if and when you get up. This bug was attacking my body and this germ was tough!

Having a fever, if not above 103 degrees is perfectly fine to have. Any higher and you will want to make effort to work it down.  So, you’ll want to make sure you gauge the fever every hour or so. Fevers are what kill viruses and germs in your body. Tonsils are also very much needed and help to trap viruses, germs and bacteria; it’s why God provided us with tonsils.  Our bodies have many ways of resisting our enemies we only need to know what those parts of our body are and what they do. To find out more about how the tonsils work to keep us healthy and when you might need to have them taken out, click here.  

Note: When I was 3-years old I had my tonsils taken out. There was complications from the surgery and one side would not stop bleeding, so I had to spend the night in the hospital and the doc must have done something wrong because, thankfully, it grew back so I still have one tonsil.

Traditional doctors are educated that if a young child gets sore throats often it must mean it’s time to take out the tonsils! No way!  That’s ridiculous. There are only certain instances when a child actually needs their tonsils extracted, and the common sore throat is not it.  Enlarged tonsils and maybe persistent tonsillitis is the only reasons people (usually children) should have their tonsils taken out. People who do not have tonsils get sick more often.

The next day, I try to get out of bed and could barely stand up. I was completely drained of all energy.  Frank became my caregiver; he would bring me lime water, molasses tea and ginger tea because I was becoming dehydrated from the fever the night before and not drinking enough liquids because I was nauseated. It was difficult to sip even water.

The whole of the second day I was severely nauseated, I still had a fever, and I was in and out of sleep. I could barely hold my head up and it hurt so terribly; it felt like someone had put a vice grip around my head and squeezed!  I have never felt this ill and for so long in all my life!  

Last night, the third night, I slept through the night; what a relief that is to sleep through the night! The bug finally left me on the fourth day...that's today...thank God! I have been fasting for three and a half days, having only hot and cold teas. Even though I have been fasting I have more energy now then when the bug was in my body invading my cells and trying to make me suffer to my death. I have been drinking plenty of lemon water and some black strap molasses tea to keep hydrated and keep my energy levels up. It helps a lot, plus provides major minerals.

As I type this blog post out today, I’m finally able to sit up in a chair; even food poisoning has not been this awful! I never vomited because I wasn’t eating, yeahhh... 

But I have never felt this sick in my life and I hope you won’t get sick!! I would not want this weird bug to attack anyone; it’s awful. It's a germ we've never had before. That’s why I wanted to write this blog while it is all so vivid in my memory to remind you to take special care of yourself during this time.

Frank never became the fifth victim in our family to catch this bug, and that’s because he has been doing everything right for his body, he stayed on the program that we outline in our BETTER HEALTH BETTER LIFE BOOK, whereas, I didn't.   He has trained himself to be consistent and stay on the program.

The only thing he hasn’t done, which is inevitable, is stay out of the diesel fumes, but he fasted for a day and avoided it all.  We never once thought about going to a hospital, a pharmacy, or a doctor.  The wisdom of experience and knowledge tells us what to do, and for us frugal folk, it's just as well.  All it cost us financially is zero.  A lifetime of experience and knowledge however is yours for only $7. We serve a God of knowledge. No white coat, no degrees hanging on the wall.  Just what works for us.

We never know when these bugs are going to come knocking on our door. Don’t answer it! Tell them to go away and stay away! Stay healthy and do everything you can to keep your immune system strong so it can evade these nasty critters. 

Before I post this I want to let our readers know that I finally ate dinner tonight 11/11/2015. I ate a small bowl of lentil soup and a half of avocado and it settled well in my empty stomach. BTW, it is always best to not eat when you think you might be coming down with something; healing comes on much faster.

Until we write again…

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