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Monday, December 28, 2015

15 Popular Products or Services that Cost Less in Ecuador than the U.S

This list is by no means exhaustive...these are just some of the more popular products or services that people use and need every day.

1. Fresh Fruits - There is an abundance of fresh fruits available here and at reasonable prices. 
Avocados - 4 for $1
2. Fresh Vegetables - There is a variety of fresh vegetables available in Cuenca and at reasonable prices. 
3. Eating out in (MOST) Restaurants (out of the tourist areas)

4. Going to a movie - Btw, for Star War fans out there. Star Wars is playing at the Milenium Mall Cinemas (December 28, 2015) in Cuenca and it's in English with Spanish subtitles! Don't know how long it will be playing but you can call them and find out.

5. Filling up your car tank with gas

6. Propane gas for appliances

7. Rents - Usually anyway. This is subjective because rents compared to lower cost u.s. areas can be similar and not necessarily cheaper.

8. Electric and water (Utilities)

9. Lumber for construction/building

10. Taking the city bus

11. Taking the national (regional) bus

12. Prescription medications - Just be careful, prescriptions are all over the map. We have found the best prices are not in the touristy areas.

13. Dental care -  Again, this is subjective, gringos looking for English speaking dental and medical caregivers, end up paying many times more than Ecuadorian rates, and are therefore not that much lower than in your country.

14. Medical care (same as above)

15. Taxi fares - In Cuenca all taxis are metered. Never get into a taxi that does not have a meter running or you will be scalped.

If you would like to add a product or service that cost less in Ecuador than the U.S, let us know in the comments below.

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