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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

21 Popular Products that Cost More in Ecuador than U.S

A few days ago we wrote about popular foods that cost more in Ecuador than U.S, today we're focusing on household items you will need to set up house and other things you might be interested in after moving to Ecuador.

Note: You may be able to find less expensive furniture, clothing, linens and small kitchen appliances at some outdoor Mercados but the quality or name brands will not be there.  Also, be aware that name brand clothing and other items sold near or at the Mercados are Chinese knockoffs.

1. Clothing and shoes – Shoes sizes larger than 8 are hard to find

2. Furniture - Gringo portals have many lightly used items now for sale and would be your best bet for finding what you need.

3. Appliances - washers, dryers, ranges, refrigerators. 
$1720 GE Double Door Refrigerator - Cuenca Ecuador
4. Electronics – iphones, smart phones, laptops, desktops, notebooks, other electronic gadgets. They can cost up to twice as much.

5. Tools – 1/3 higher than the U.S - See our video about the biggest hardware store and tool prices in Cuenca below.

6. Automobiles – VERY expensive, even the older vehicles.

7. Small Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets – Microwaves, blender, coffee pot, mixer, etc.

8. Pots and Pans.  The good stainless steel pans cost about $80 for a frying pan. Coral does sell a nice set of three stainless steel sauce pots (not frying pans) for $60 last time I checked. They do go on sale from time to time.

9. Bath Towels – Cotton bath towels cost twice as much in Ecuador. See more about bath towels and other items on our Cuenca Ecuador Reality Check Series.

10. Sheets (linens) - Coral does sell set of King sheets for under $20 but you might find them too rough for your skin.

11. Baby Supplies & Children’s Toys and Games - twice as much here.

12. Dog & Cat Food, Pet Gold Fish and Pet Supplies - Very expensive and an expat said on a forum that their cat died after eating the expensive cat food. You can probably Google it and find out more.

13. Deodorant & other Hygiene Supplies

14. Perfume

15. REAL gold and silver jewelry & watches - the fake stuff can be expensive too. This is one reason why wearing gold rings, diamond rings and expensive watches are a "no no" out on the streets. A $500 gold diamond ring is worth over $1000 dollars here!!

16. Cosmetics, face creams, lotions, etc

17. Men’s Cologne, After Shave, Shaving Cream

18. Raw Honey, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and EV Olive Oil

19. Staying in a (Touristy) Beach Front Rental - staying in a beach front rental of the same value and standard are less expensive in both Florida Beaches and Myrtle Beach - we have been doing the research on this.

21. Land and lots - Do you want to hear something funny? In Cuenca Ecuador you can buy a house on a lot cheaper than just a bare lot. Check it out!

Until we write again.

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