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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cuenca Bloggers Moving Back to Canada and the U.S and Expats Moving Abroad for Wrong Reasons

Recently a reader wrote in letting us know that she finds all the bloggers that are moving back to the U.S and Canada distressing. We don't know how many expats actually move back to N. America but we do read about it from time to time through the Cuenca chatter.  Some people just move abroad for the wrong reasons and so after awhile, for reasons of their own, they end up moving back to North America.  Watch the video and find out more.
Btw, NOT everyone is moving back to N. America; there are some long-time expats still live in Ecuador and have no plans on moving back to the U.S. 

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  1. Have to admit I was following another blogger family that left Ecuador, yes they were from Canada.

    I appreciate you folks so much more because you are a much better fit for me, in that I am very frugal, and love to negotiate at the local flea markets here in CA. You are older, more mature, and have a significant awareness of the imposition of the New World Order, and what that means for Christians and all regular folk alike.

    They on contrast were a bit callow on this point, and as you said of all of the temporary settlers. When, what I considered a reason to flee North America, came into their lives, a medical problem; they were on the next plane to Toronto seeking the care of a physician from the Medical Mafia. They did not even look for natural health solutions there , or maybe alternative self-administered high-tech solutions in the field of alternative health field only retrievable in North America either.

    Anyway, it seemed they did not move to Ecuador for a deeply embedded political or religious reason, and when the wind and the rain came, they left just like the other bloggers your are thinking of.

  2. Some expats simply get bored amd tired of the same routine and seek something new...


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