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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Interesting Food Facts about Ecuador

Top Cocoa Producer: Ecuador is one of the top producers of Cocoa in the world and has one of the best tasting and distinctive flavors of cocoa in the world.  
Source: World Atlas
Guanabana of Ecuador Kills Cancer: The Guanabana fruit grows in the Amazon Rain Forest of Ecuador. It kills cancer cells 10,000 times more effectively than chemotherapy. The fruit is sold throughout Ecuador for a reasonable price. 
Source: Discover Cuenca Ecuador

Top Banana Producer:  Ecuador is one of the top 10 producers of bananas in the world. Ecuador was the world's largest exporter of bananas in 2002 ($936.5 million). Today it is in the top ten of the world’s exports of bananas.  
Source: World Knowing

Manta Ecuador Big Export of Canned Tuna: Manta Ecuador fishes, processes and cans some of the world’s favorite canned tuna, which is then exported to the U.S and Europe. Top brands are Bumble Bee and Van Camps Tuna.
Source: Wikepedia

Ecuador, Top Plantain Producer: Ecuador is in the top ten of the world’s farming of plantains. Most Ecuadorian dishes use plantains on the side or in a recipe.  Here's a easy recipe using plantains.
Source: CGIAR

Ecuador, Largest Exporter of Passion Fruit: Ecuador is the largest exporter of passion fruit concentrate to the U.S and Europe.  Two popular passion fruit varieties grown in Ecuador year round are the Maracuya and Granadilla.  Both passion fruits taste good but the granadilla is sweeter. Click their names to watch our taste-testing videos of these fruits.
Source: Passion Fruit

Encebollado Soup from Ecuador Best Tasting: This is my opinion, of course. The best encebollado soup we ever had is in Cuenca and Quito. Here's our video of eating this delicious tuna fish soup in Quito Ecuador.

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