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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Are Low Utility Costs a Thing of the Past in Cuenca Ecuador?

Ok, ok, we understand, normal, gradual, sluggish, run of the mill INFLATION. But when your bill doubles and then doubles again? The rumor mill around Cuenca is saying they ran out of money for the Tranvia project and are now doubling household utilities so they can complete the project.  Some folks may not like that, especially if the Tranvia line/route has put them out of business, or if they aren’t going to be using the service.
Tranvia in Cuenca Ecuador
We remember the days not too long ago when everyone used to say that your water bill would be 'cheap' or about $9.   Slowly it floated to about $30, now our $30 dollar water bill has become $70 to $80 and even $100 over night. We cannot tout our cost of living being $1,000 dollars a month any longer. We now spend, with higher food costs and now with the utilities doubling, $1,200 a month.

Unfortunately, we pay more for water usage in Cuenca Ecuador than we did in the states…granted, that was 5 years ago, but still, the point is the water bill costs just keep going higher and higher. We are five people so that does account for some of the higher water bill.  Still though, even with the second upped cost it should be about $40 bucks, not $80-$100.  

Just giving you a heads up for when you get here and want to rent a house or apartment in Cuenca. When the landlord or the real estate agent tells you the water bill will be $12 for two people, that’s not true anymore. More like $25 to $30 for water and the same for electricity…and that’s for two people. I know still sounds cheeeep, but not if you were here two years ago before they tripled the utility services.  Is the trend your friend?  Not here.

Until we write again…

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  1. Low oil prices on the international market mean energy subsidies in Ecuador are over, which also means the money spigot for new projects has been closed,too.


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