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Thursday, January 14, 2016

U.S Citizen Deaths by Homicide in Popular Expat Destinations of Latin America

This list only shows the reported deaths of U.S Citizens; many incidents go unreported.  Here is a quick rundown of deaths in well-worn expat locations in Latin America. First I counted the total deaths, which could be from drowning, homicide or other accident and then I totaled the actual homicides.  
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Note: We included deaths that happened during a drug dealing a homicide for obvious reasons. To see the full reports, click here and add your own criteria.

REPORTED deaths in last 6 years of U.S Citizens living in different parts of Latin America dated from January 2010 to January 2015

Ecuador – 37 deaths – 6 homicides

Panama – 22 deaths – 6 homicides

Colombia – 50 deaths – 38 homicides

Brazil – 31 deaths – 6 homicides

Uruguay – 9 deaths – 1 homicide

Nicaragua – 31 deaths – 5 homicides

Chile – 9 deaths – 1 homicide

Costa Rica – 124 Deaths – 28 homicides

Argentina – 16 deaths – 0 homicide

Mexico – there was so many deaths of us citizens that I didn’t want to spend the time counting them all but it is in the hundreds, maybe even thousands.

NOTE: The most deaths of U.S expats living abroad was from drowning in oceans, tied with car/pedestrian accidents and next was homicide. 


Important Note - This information should not be considered a statistically complete account of U.S. citizen deaths in Ecuador during the reporting period. Only those deaths reported to the Department of State and deaths that can be established as non-natural are included. Most American citizens who die abroad were resident abroad and surviving family members might not inform the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate of the death. The report may not include some deaths of U.S. military or U.S. government officials. Identifying information is omitted for privacy. 

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