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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Undiscovered Panama is 5 Miles from the Costa Rican Border in Puerto Armuelles Panama

When we went to Panama in 2015 we traveled the whole country from Panama City to David and then to Azuero Peninsula (Chitre and Las Tablas) and finally to Puerto Armuelles, which is about 5 miles from the Costa Rican Border! We took a taxi and toured one of the neighborhoods called "El Carmen" which if any houses are for sale they are from $12,000 to $40,000; They're mostly just wooden two story houses but the fixed up ones are livable and they are steps from the beach. See more about Puerto Armuelles REAL ESTATE below the video. But watch the video first. 
You know Frank and I, we get down and dirty when it comes to checking out a new place. 
Frank, Frank, I found cheap beach property in Panama!  She leaped out of her chair to tell me.  Alas, it was too good to be true.  We had to go see didn't we?

We walked all over the town besides taking a taxi tour of one of the neighborhoods. Sadly, once we saw the place we were less than thrilled about it. The little village square was dumpy with bars on the corner and drunks popping in and out every few minutes. The one hotel in town reminded us of a brothel and it might well be. 

We sat in the unkept, litter-filled square (park) that has a view of the sea so we could get a bird's eye view of the goings on in the town. The place is in disarray and needs a whole new face lift.  The buildings look like they are just about ready to cave in. Unfortunately, we believe that most gringos won't like it here.

We heard there is a gringo neighborhood in Puerto Armuelles in an area called Las Palmas but the prices for lots are really high, now that the expats have moved in. If the town of Puerto was cleaned up and the bars removed from the seaside malecon area and the hotel cleaned up on the corner, it might attract more foreigners. The Internet was terrible here also, in fact we had to use a Claro stick it was so bad. 

One last thing we should tell you. Beware of real estate hucksters in Puerto Armuelles because there's already a lot of over-priced stuff mixed in with the reasonably priced properties; just watch out for the property gougers.  

The really nice properties outside of Puerto are already over-priced and is actually ROP Property, meaning they have no title. A lot of the property in Puerto Armuelles is (ROP) "Rights of Possession" by the way, so you will want to be careful there too. Not advisable to buy anything without a lawyer here

Bottom line: there is nothing special about this town except the beaches in certain areas because they have palm trees which makes it more tropical. It's super hot and humid in P. Armuelles.

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