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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Doing Business in other Countries Can Be Challenging & Interesting

Receiving Mail and Packages in Cuenca Ecuador – Do you have friends or family back home sending you stuff in Ecuador?  If so, lucky you.  Most of us don't have that luxury.   Don’t forget to tell them to put the province of AZUAY on the mail or you will not receive it.

How to Receive Your Packages – If It has a tracking number you are probably going to receive your mail but without a tracking number, it will likely disappear somewhere between customs and the post office. 

Banking in Ecuador – When withdrawing money from your account, if you put the country of ECUADOR where it says “location” on the debit slip, they will make you redo it. They only want you to put the city name “CUENCA”.  This might be only in certain banks in Ecuador though.  

Writing a Check – If you accidentally make one small error on your check to the bank, they will make you write a whole new check.  They do not allow you to put your initials on the check when you make typos. Some will only allow you to use black ink when writing a check.

Visa Paperwork – Make sure all of your paperwork is neat and legible; Just pretend you are back in writing class from grade school: for that A+ grade your assignment needs to be neat and readable.
Walking into a Bank in Ecuador – Before entering the bank, if you are wearing sun glasses, you will be asked to take them off or put them up on your head; if wearing a floppy hat they will ask you to take it off; and if you are wearing a baseball cap or sun visor, they will ask you to take it off or twist it around so the bill is facing behind you.  Shorts are highly frowned upon in banks and other government offices anywhere in Ecuador.

Ecuadorians and E-mail – It has been our experience that it is best to telephone than rely on getting an answer back through email from whomever you are corresponding with. And what’s better than calling on the telephone?  To just show up at their office before 1:00 pm or after 3:00 pm.

How BEST to Get Errands Done in Ecuador – Don’t fret and don’t be in a hurry. Be happy just enjoying the day and work towards getting things done through the whole week rather than in just one day. Prioritize your list from most important to least important so that if you can only get one or two things done in a day, at least you took care of the most important first.

Remember the Golden Rule - Be patient with the Ecuadorians because after all, it is their way of doing things and they are used to it. When Norte Americanos come here and become impatient and testy with the Ecuadorians it makes the lot of us look like ‘nasty gringos’. And we don’t think anyone would want a reputation like “the nasty gringo” going around in this beautiful country, which has been called paradise for the fifth year in a row, right?

Until we write again, you might like to read more about some of the quirky quirkiness of Ecuador. 
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