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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hang on to Your Umbrellas! Its Rainy Season in Cuenca Ecuador

Have you noticed it doesn’t really rain that much in Cuenca? We checked the amount of rain for Cuenca in a year and it is less than North Carolina!  Rainy season generally is in the months of January through April, however, January and February 2016 has seen minimal rain in Cuenca.

Now, it may seem like it rains a lot here because most of the time it is quite overcast and it sometimes sprinkles but it never actually rains much, until…rainy season comes upon us, which is right about now.
Yanuncay River March 2016
Cuenca really needs the rain and we’re glad to see the rain showers, however during the months of March and April, flooding can occur in certain areas of the city.  Click the rain chart below to see which months it rains the most in Cuenca.
Rain Chart for Cuenca Ecuador
The trouble with rainy season is it can rain for days without letting up and it causes flooding in certain areas of Cuenca. The rivers are more aggressive during rainy season.   Since we have lived here there has been some flooding from the rivers in certain parts of town. Sometimes they divert pedestrian traffic on the walking trails because the rivers have risen onto the paths.
Yanuncay River - March 2016
The city takes care to put up yellow (cautionary) tape in the most dangerous areas of the rivers but caution should be taken anywhere near the rivers in Cuenca this time of year; the waters are deeper and more violent and people get too close to the waters edge and they fall in and get swept away.  In 2015 during rainy season there were several deaths of older folks and children falling into the Cuenca Rivers and getting swept away. 
Yanuncay River - March 2016
The month of March is said to be the rainiest out of the whole year for Cuenca, so hang on to those umbrellas and rain jackets!  And enjoy the rain while it lasts!

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  1. I read in one of your blogs about your problems with the internet there and finally got it fixed. Is there a problem in Cuenca mainly during the raining season where the internet or electric goes out often because of the weather? Thanks!

  2. Internet is better, but wouldn't call it 'fixed', its still slow and cuts out. Has nothing to do with weather although that can play a part.


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