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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How Did Your Family Find a Good (Local Priced) Dentist in Cuenca Ecuador?

Reader Asks: Curious, how did you find the dentist that your family uses?

Frank and Angie Respond: When one moves to Cuenca Ecuador or any other country, they have choices.  One is to live like a tourist from that point on, and the other is to make it their mission to live as close as possible to the local level.   

Tourists pay tourist prices and that’s what dental tourism is. Do you pay tourist prices in your home town?  If not, why not?  I see a double standard here.

How did we find our dentist?

One day I got the phone book and started looking at the numerous dentists (3.5 pages of dentists) and after reading what they offered (using Google Translate) we went and personally checked out a few.  After going to a handful of them and seeing the pleasant staff, clean dental offices and state of the art dental equipment we decided to try one out and we’ve been going there ever since.  
Frank goes to the Dentist - Cuenca Ecuiador
Being that we’re writers we wanted to provide our readers with a price structure to use as a guide to finding good dental services that have local prices and well the rest is in the DIY Cuenca landing Guide. We do not recommend any particular dentist for the reason we stated in our latest video about Dental Tourism Gone Bad. We do list what local residents are paying when they go to the dentist.

It's up to you.  You can live like a tourist or a local.  For us, going local is best.

We have found that relying on recommendations is one of the worse ways to be taken advantage of financially speaking and most times it became a waste of time, and in fact the two times we have gotten lazy and relied on recommendations instead of doing the footwork we were mislead and never received the service they were supposed to provide.

It’s funny how people back home simply grab their favorite informational book, the phone book and then proceed to let their fingers do the walking, but here they rely on what other people tell them. Back home if a business or service is not in the famous phone book, they won’t use them but here, guess it’s ok.

Until we write again, you might like to read these articles about going local when living abroad.
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