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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Natural Healing: Is There Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) Products/Distributors in Cuenca Ecuador

Reader asks: I was wondering if there is a market for essential oils in Ecuador among expats. I know you are very health conscious. Have you explored the use of oils in your regimen?

Frank and Angie Respond: They sell essential oils in many places in Cuenca and throughout Ecuador. Is there a market for essential oils?   Cuenca Ecuador has many health conscious people and so you can find just about anything you might need and want for natural health, healing and well being here. There are several places where you can buy essential oils and two of them are by and through gringos already, plus several by Ecuadorians and so the market seems quite flooded; it would be a competitive market that's for sure. 
We have bought a few essential oils ourselves in the past in the states but we are not big users of essential oils. However, there are some rather popular oils that sell here in Cuenca such as eucalyptus oil, peppermint, chamomile and tea tree oils; we see them in the health product stores.

For those who are looking for a particular plant oil(s), it might take some time, but eventually you will probably find what you need by asking naturalists and health product store owners if they know where you can find the essential oil you are looking for.  Below are some of the places in Cuenca where you can find essential oils.

Avalon Aromatherapy
Website:  Avalon Aromatherapy

Location:  Avenida Remigio Crespo 1-16 and Avenida Solano
Telephone - 07 4091343 – Cuenca Ecuador

Amazon Aroma
Website: Amazon Aroma

Email: info@amazon-aroma.com
Location: Turuhuaico y Av. España Esquina
Telephone: (593 7) 2870793 -  Cuenca  Ecuador

Young Living Ecuador Essential Oils (gringo distributor)
Website: Young Living Essential Oils
To contact the distributor (she lives in Cuenca) click the contact button on her website and fill out form.

Nectar Healthy Foods & Products  (gringo distributor)
Location: Benigno Malo 10-42
Telephone: 07 4045049

Live Green Shop
Location: Luis Moreno Mora y Francisco Moscoso, Cuenca Ecuador

Natural Health Products Stores

There are several health product stores in Cuenca, especially in El Centro and some of them do sell the essential oils. Your best bet is to enter into one and ask them. If they don’t sell the oils you want, ask and see if they can get them in.

Online Ecuador Portals
You can also get on any of the Ecuador buy/sell portals like 'Mercado Libre' and find sellers and naturalists of aromatherapies all over in Ecuador. 

Remember, Ecuador is a country that welcomes natural healing methods and so there is going to be a lot more healthy products and naturalists located here.  So, what do you think? After seeing how many distributors of essential oils there are in Cuenca, do you think there is room for one more? Maybe.

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  1. Just what I needed to know ! I ordered diffuser and some oils on Amazon yesterday and was wondering how hard it is going to be for me to get refills.

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