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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Ecuador vs. USA Grocery Store Differences

What's it like grocery store shopping in Cuenca Ecuador? Some food items are just not available in Ecuador. You can forget about buying Dijon mustard in Ecuador; bring it with you and that goes with many of your favorite foods. Btw, we're not complaining, simply letting our viewers know that some foods are not available here or might be cost prohibitive for families in the long run.
We're an Expat Family of Five, Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy Abroad. We live in Cuenca, Ecuador and travel the Ecuador coast whenever we get a chance. We just adventured throughout the country of Panama for five weeks! Come along and enjoy some of our experiences with us!


  1. Ah you mentioned Duke's Mayo a staple born and loved here in the southern states and now up north! Fresh tomato, salt & pepper and Duke's,Yum!

  2. Salt (sal)and sugar (azucar) are staples of the diet in Ecuador. You will notice it in restaurant meals and in the ingredients on most packaged foods in the grocery stores. Even items that do not require extra sweetness ( such as fruit juices ) often contain added sugar. If you are diabetic or must restrict your sodium intake, be wary when shopping. maybe health food specialty stores have a wider selection of sugar- and salt- free items, but I think the mainstream groceries are missing out on a large potential niche market--both local and ex-pat.
    p.s. I'm jealous of Cuenca's PB prices...here on the Manabi coast it's over $5.00 for the 8 oz jars on the shelf. Some of the local tiendas make their own, which is what the locals prefer, as it's fresh and lower-priced ( usually packed in a plastic baggie, too! )


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