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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fellow Blogger Leaving Cuenca Ecuador after 4 Years

This morning one of our sons gasped when he opened up a popular gringo portal and saw all of the ads for furniture and appliances for sale. “Wow, there’s more stuff for sale on here today than I’ve ever seen before!”  He remarked to me.
Does it mean there are lots of gringos moving away from Cuenca?  It can mean that and it can also mean lots of people happen to be leaving Ecuador’s winter so they will arrive to their spring and summer in the USA.  People move around and things happen in trends and cycles. 

We’ve also noticed a decline in people coming to Cuenca Ecuador and we figure this is the slow down cycle. There is a slow down cycle that occurs every year around this time.  As soon as it appears Cuenca’s influx of foreigners is beginning to slow down, a new pick up cycle begins and more foreigners will be arriving than ever before. We’ve witnessed this phenomenon for years ourselves with book sales and website traffic.

On another note, we just learned of a fellow blogger who moved to Cuenca in 2012 and has lived here for four years and she is moving back to Nevada. Why? She has many reasons, one of which is the altitude being too much on her health as it has spiked her blood pressure which we all know can be dangerous. She has many reasons for leaving, all very sound reasons, especially the one about higher prices here on many things. Read all of her reasons for leaving Ecuador here, which most of them we have already touched down on in different blog posts. 

The only real way to be able to know for sure if there is a slow down or pick up of foreigners moving to or leaving Cuenca is to get the latest information from the (Ministerio de Relaciones y Movilidad Humana) Ministry of Relationships and Human Mobility which is an arm of the Ecuador Ministry of Foreign Affairs as they are the ones who process the VISA paperwork and have actual statistics.

My son, still on the popular gringo portal then started reciting off some of the prices for the used appliances. Buyers, be careful with that; some of the stuff on this gringo portal are way overpriced but most of it is spot on for lightly used stuff.

Ah yes, Foreigners move to different areas abroad and enjoy an adventure for a few years and then go…somewhere else.
Until we write again, take a look at some of these articles about foreigners moving to and leaving Ecuador. 

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