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Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Reasons Why We Welcome the Winter Off Season in Ecuador

Some of the best weather we have experienced in Cuenca for four years running is June thru September. This time of year is winter time but it certainly doesn’t seem that winterish to us. 

Chocolatera - Salinas lookout point
The Ecuador coast is also nice this time of year, mainly because it’s not stifling hot.  However, vacationers and tourists will find the central and northern coasts just a bit more overcast and cloudy this time of year.

June thru September in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, experienced great Cuenca weather.  The only year that the winter weather was unusually cloudy and drab was last year in 2015 and everyone was blaming it on El Nino.

We look forward to winter and it’s coming upon us very soon! Here are a few details about the winter months that we have experienced the last five years living here.

1. Winter time in Ecuador has the most sunshine in Cuenca.
2. Winter time has the hottest afternoons, even though technically the weather is a tad bit cooler. The reason it seems hotter is because the sun is out more during these months.
3. Winter has the coolest nights and the coolest mornings (bring a sweater)
4. June, July and August is the best time of year to do any outdoor activities
5. Winter months have less rain, usually
6. Winter is the prettiest time of the year, in our experience
7. Winter months are less humid because of less rain
8. June thru September is milder on the Ecuador beaches
9. Ecuador coast is less humid during these winter months.
10. Ecuador coast is NOT too hot in the winter. It’s usually in the lower 70’s to low 80’s.  This might seem a little cool for some people however, when the equatorial sun is shining on you it seems hotter.

Until we write again, you can take a look at these articles about the weather in Cuenca Ecuador and the Coast. 
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