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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

11 Ways to Spot a Tourist Abroad

As we’re walking down the street in El Centro we spot a gringo couple we have never seen before.
     “I ask, “Do you think they are tourists or residents?”. 
     “Ummm, they look like tourists. Notice how they keep looking up at the buildings and looking around a lot?”
     “Yes, and look at the huge camera dangling from the guys neck.”
     “Yep, definitely tourists.”

Cuenca Tourist group
There is nothing wrong with tourism. We were tourists once too, for about a week…LOL…here’s 10 more ways to spot a tourist.

1. Tourist pay the asking price and do not bargain.

2. Tourists wear huge floppy brimmed hats and Panama hats often.

3. Younger tourists wear shorts and flip flops, even in 68 degree weather in the Andes Mountains.

4. Tourists are always taking photos and have expensive cameras hanging around their neck.

5. When walking, instead of looking ahead they tend to look up at the architecture and many of them stumble and fall and hurt themselves.

6. Tourists wear lots of shiny, dangling jewelry.

7. Newcomers tend to rubberneck.

8. Tourists act rich because they’re on vacation.

9. Tourists are not usually aware of their surroundings and that’s why many of them get stuff stolen from them.

10. If they’re riding the bus they're also talking in English loudly and drawing attention to themselves all the while totally oblivious to their surroundings. Btw, many tourists get pick pocketed on crowded buses because they aren’t paying attention. This has actually happened a couple of times, that we know of.

11. Tourists think the traffic is going to stop for them, therefore, they start walking the cross-walk only to find out the hard way that drivers don't stop for pedestrians in Ecuador.

This can't be all the ways to spot a tourist. Can you think of any other ways to spot a tourist?

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  1. While you guys look good wearing them, to me backpacks on adults look touristy---though I understand that backpacks are much more common in cities now for daily use than they once were.


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