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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Just Want to Sleep Thru the Night in Cuenca Ecuador

Have you ever been deprived of sleep for days and days? It's not a good place to be. Finally, Frank is speaking up about his chronic altitude insomnia that he has carried with him since we moved to Cuenca Ecuador five years ago. We call it altitude insomnia because when we go to lower elevation (sea level) he sleeps like a baby. 

UPDATE 2016: Doing the research we discover a name for this that occurs in 1/4 of the population that live at high altitudes above 6000'. 

It occurs even in healthy persons at altitudes above 6000 ft.   Cuenca Ecuador is 8200'.   PB may lead to sleep disturbances with frequent awakenings...Yep, that's us! 

This is something that we have experienced; you may or may not experience insomnia while living in Cuenca because everyone is different with a different body type. Also, doing research we find that some people who were born at sea level and then move to high altitudes may experience some health issues (overtime) with living in higher altitudes. For us, its sleep problems. To see more of our articles about living at high altitudes, see below the video.
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  1. How about a nice glass of wine before bed? POP!

  2. Interesting fact. I have sleep apnea and have no issues sleeping in Cuenca. I gather it's a result of the CPAP forcing the oxygen into my lungs. Can't agree more on your thoughts on steak. I can't eat it anymore without stomach issues the next day or two. No problems with pork, chicken and fish. Thanks for your videos.
    Mike Hinshaw
    Travel and Food Blogger


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