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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Receiving Gift in Ecuador VIA DHL Shocker!

A kind follower sent us a gift and when we went to the DHL Office to pick it up, boy we're we in for a shock. 
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  1. That's unbelievable Frank! How much of that is taxes? And was any of that cost charged by DHL? Good thing I decided not to DHL you the 55 inch 4K tv I was going to send you as a gift. LOL

  2. Frank, thank you for sharing this video about having to pay such a huge amount of tax in order to pick up a package at DHL. I've heard and read so many comments about the difficulties related to receiving packages in Ecuador, but this really helps make it very clear!

  3. Import tax and tariffs. You sounded surprised. Why?

  4. Are you sure the Customs duty tariff was classified properly? Here in Belize, this is frequently the problem. Looks like Ecuador Customs tariff for hard drives is only 10%.


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