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Monday, May 09, 2016

What Are We Going to do about This...Trying to Live Frugal Abroad?

What are we going to do about rising prices in touted paradises. Trying to stay frugal but it's becoming challenging...very challenging. 
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  1. What's your point. You can't expect prices to remain the same over the years. In the 1970s my water bill was about $60 a month, Today we pay $300 more or less, after installing some control devices for the irrigation and the pool. That's the way it is all over the world. By comparison you are doing good.☺☺

    1. Is that supposed to be some sort of consolation for my water bill tripling? Thanks for trying. It's not working though...

  2. Frank & Angie,

    Are other people experiencing the same rate of inflation on their water bills?

    Locals and gringos, alike?

    Are you sure you're not getting charged for the whole block?

    1. Word was a few months ago that the water costs were going to double. That they did...

  3. I've been in Guayaquil since 2013 and my water rates has increased maybe 15%. My usage is usually 10-12 cubic meters per month and the bill run $15-18/mo. I had a leaking pipe inside the wall once and the bill went to nearly $40. Another time it was a leaky toilet float valve which resulted in a $35 bill.

    We have a fixed base charge of about $2.50 then a progressive rate which starts at around $1.40 /cu meter for usage between 0-20 cu meters. Above that usage the rate increases.

    I read on the ETAPA website their base charge is $3.01 and the 0-20 rate is $0.41 /cu meter, so if I used my typical 12 cubic meters my bill in Cuenca would be about $8.00

    How much water are you being charged for? Your usage is needed to analyze the bill.

    1. Thanks Charlie. I was just thinking about investigating the usage. The thing is that we're five people, so even at your amounts, $18x5= $90. Plus, as you said, the more you use the higher the rate. The other thing is that our usage has not tripled.


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