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Friday, June 03, 2016

Best of Cuenca Ecuador

Now we all know that saying something is the “best” is very subjective, which means our thoughts may not be your thoughts.  “Best” is really just an opinion.  

Below is our “best” of  some things and places in Cuenca Ecuador.

Best hiking – Cajas National Parque
Cajas National Park
Best (clean air) walking – Yanuncay walking trail
Yanuncay River walk
 Best pizza – Fabianos, hands down!
Personal veggie
 Best pasta – my cocina of course. 
Whole Wheat Cavatelli
Healthiest restaurant – Good Affinity Vegetarian Restaurant 

Best streets for walking – Where there are no buses

Best restaurant for PEACEFUL no SMOG sit outside – Good Affinity Vegetarian

Best value for money almuerzo - Good Affinity Vegetarian

Best park – Paraiso Parque

Best office supply – Monsalve Papelaria

Best grocery store – Coral Hipermercados and Supermaxi tied

Best neighborhood – A peaceful and quiet Ecuadorian neighborhood

Best ice cream – Tutto Freddo

Best cakes - Tutto Freddo

Best cappuccino for the price – Tutto Freddo

Best Mercado – All the same

Best time of year (weather wise) in Cuenca – July through September, hands down!

Best time of day to bank– Between 2 and 3pm Monday thru Friday and on Saturday Morn before noon

Best time to go grocery shopping – Between 9:00 and 10am or 2 and 3pm Mon-thru Thurs.

Best time to get business taken care of – Tuesdays thru Thursday in the AM.

Best fiesta/holiday – Arts and Crafts of Latin America in April and in November

Best river – they're all the same

Best shopping mall – Mall del Rio

Best museum – Pumapungo Archeological Ruins/Park & Botanical Gardens, Hands down!

Park layout map
Best town square – Parque Calderon in El Centro

Best Mexican food – Unfortunately, we haven't found one that is good

Best artisans market – Plaza Rotary

Best blog about Cuenca Ecuador? – We wouldn’t dare say what blog we think is the best, after all, it’s all based on opinion. We think many blogs have something to share that people will enjoy and find interesting.

Until we vlog or blog again, you might enjoy these articles below.

NOTE: For addresses and more information about the places on our list "the best of Cuenca", see the articles below. 
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