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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Are There Good Marriage-Minded Women in Ecuador?

Reader wants to know if the women of Ecuador are marriage-minded? What young woman doesn't want to get married? Ok ok, there are some women that don't want to get married but in Ecuador that's not usually the case. A lot could be said on this subject and here's an introduction for our viewers. 
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  1. Frank,

    That was a great answer. You did a lot better than I would have done. Good? Well, there are good marriage-minded women in the U.S. I guess the question would be is he a good marriage-minded man?

    Great job with your blog and thanks for sharing.

  2. Cheers Frank & Angie,
    I would also add to your perspective the fact that divorce is nowhere near as socially "acceptable" in Ecuador as it has become in North America. This is still basically a Roman Catholic country and in fact extra-marital arrangements are not rare and are somewhat"expected"...particularly as a manifestation of Latin "machismo" for male partners.
    Another cultural aspect of marriage is that because Ecuador is VERY family-oriented and most people--even younger adults--maintain strong ties to their extended families--3 and 4 generation households as well as cousins, aunts ,uncles, etc. (also a consequence of the mostly non-mobile, geographically-rooted society). If you marry an Ecuadoriano/a you marry the family as well, with all the levels of scrutiny and regular interaction that have become less important to more urban,mobile, and "advanced" gringo cultures...expect all the charms and drawbacks!


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