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Basic Services when Going Local in a Developing Country

Someone commented on one of our videos asking us "If Ecuador is so bad why are you there?" Who said Ecuador was bad? From time to time we have to explain to newcomers on our blog and YT channel that we talk about everything, not just the good stuff like everybody else. There's lots of blogs people can go to if they need to hear only the candy coated goodies because you're not going to find that here. We hope to be offering our viewers and readers a balanced view of what it is really like to live abroad, off the beaten path.  ----- We like Ecuador or we wouldn't be here. -----
We're an Expat Family of Five, Living Frugal, Healthy and Happy Abroad. We lived in Cuenca Ecuador for five years and now we are in Salinas Ecuador where our adventure continues.We vlog several times per week where we share crucial insights and every day experiences to help others see what its really like to live in a Latin American country.


  1. Frank, Why not just ask the landlord if you can reset the internet when needed?
    Also, The TM on the bag shown means Trade Mark!

  2. Salinas sounds and looks horrible unless you are a tourist!

  3. Salinas sounds and looks horrible.........too much talk about what everything costs! I liked your Cuenca posts much more and you all seemed happier there.


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