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Friday, December 30, 2016

Going to Ecuador? We're Just Keeping It Real Guys!

If you are thinking about moving to Ecuador where do you get your information from? We're asking because people come and go in these touted places like the ebb and tide of an ocean. Perhaps some folks are getting their information in the wrong place?
Hello Friends, we hope you have enjoyed this video or article. We have posted something new several times per week for the past 5 years and there are a lot of crucial insights and every day life experiences to help others on this blog. If you're looking for straight forward answers and honest reporting about life here, you've found it!

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  1. Cheers Frank and Angie
    Thanks for your regular and comprehensive posts about life in Ecuador and Panama...but sometimnes I feel that you are much too pressured to produce content every day, with the consequence that much of it is repetitive or not as well-planned as in past posts of previous years. I almost want to blame the selfie-stick that Frank bought last year as the reson your posts have become somewhat less informative and unique--that's when the videos began to be more of the same ( i.e. Frank's thoughts about life in Ecuador" as opposerd to more varied topics. You used to speak a bit more about Angie's natural recipes, and also about your son's reactions to the cultural (and other differences!) that they experienced in Ecuador...please make an effort to vary your content to reflect a wider range of what the whole family is experiencing in your Latin American adventures...I think it will add tremendously to your audience's insights and help make your obligation to fill up your blog a bit less of a chore that rests just on Frank's shoulders! ( Though I know getting your sons to participate may be a creative challenge as well...moment of truth--am waiting for Angelo to reveal some recipes! ) Thanks again and much appreciation for your electronic guidance and courage!...hope to treat you at Tutto Freddo's one day soon! Bob F. 13-month Crucita Ecuador Resident


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