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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Most BEAUTIFUL WEDDING in Cuenca Ecuador

Our son is now a married man! We are excited to bring you the most beautiful wedding ceremony in Cuenca Ecuador. We didn't want to leave anything out of this special event but for our English speaking subscribers we did take out most of the Spanish if it was feasible, otherwise this video would have been over an hour long. So, grab yourself your favorite beverage and enjoy this special time with us. Blessings Frank and Angie.
Hello Friends, we hope you have enjoyed this video or article. We have posted something new several times per week for the past 5 years and there are a lot of crucial insights and every day life experiences to help others on this blog. If you're looking for straight forward answers and honest reporting about life here, you've found it!


  1. I was so hoping that you guys would video and post Brandon's wedding. What a beautiful wedding with Brandon and his now wife both looking amazing and so much in love!

  2. Congratulations and much happiness to Brandon and Alexandra ! Thanks for posting, proud parents Frank and Angie !


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