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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why Do People Leave Their Dream, Living Like It’s 1953 Again in Ecuador?

It’s not surprising that some people would become overly occupied with the reasons why retirees would leave a life of living like it's 1953 again in Ecuador.  We say 1953 because a lot of expats say Ecuador is like the 1950's in the USA. But it's only a few things not everything.

It just doesn’t make much sense to guide our lives according to what others do or not do.  None of us would be who we are or where we are at today if we followed what everyone else is doing.  And yet people are fixated with “reasons” why people leave Ecuador and go back home because they think it will somehow apply to them.

It has gotten so bad that some people say that expats fib about why they left because they don’t want to say anything negative about living in the best place to retire on a budget, Ecuador. Travelers (expats) come and go like the wind for reasons that are personal to them of course, and has nothing to do with your reasons for moving or leaving or staying in Ecuador.

Why does it seem strange that people come here and then leave after one or two years? It may seem odd to folks who have never lived in another country on a permanent basis but it’s actually quite normal to move around and travel to new lands if someone has the money, desire and health to do so. And it is quite normal for people to move back to their roots after the honeymoon phase wears off, it happens all the time.

People want to see Cuenca Ecuador for themselves just to see if they can live like it’s 1953 again. Many call it a “discovery trip”. We think there is a lot to discover, and to truly get a feel for expat life a full year (4 seasons) or more is necessary. However many folks come for a few weeks or two months and decide they like it and later move here, only to move again after a year or two, and that is their reality.

Really, “all reasons are good reasons why people leave Ecuador and move back home or somewhere else” and that’s because each reason is personal to that person or family and their situation and circumstances.  For example, if someone said “I moved from Cuenca Ecuador because I did not like the weather” how does that affect you? 

If You Move Back Home, Look at the Positive NOT the Negative

People want to take a person’s reasons for leaving Ecuador and dissect it to death amongst themselves and some people even scoff at the reasons and maybe that’s why expats feel the need to fib a little as to why they are going back home.  Simple peer pressure.  Just like in 1953 and beyond.

Just remember there is so much positive about traveling abroad, even if later you decide not to stay. Traveling and exploring new lands, no matter how long you stay are simply wonderful learning experiences for people of all ages; there is so much to see, do and learn in a foreign culture.  Children will learn so much more being in a country and learning the history and culture than they would reading about it in a boring history book. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn the language, make friends, and become experienced about the world around them.

Families  that have had the chance to travel with their children abroad and live for a year or two really provide their children with a wonderful experience they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. And the same goes for any individual or couple who travels abroad. 

So instead of dissecting all the reasons why expats leave and move back home, put away the tweezers and take a moment to realize that it really has nothing to do with you and your travels abroad.  We know expats that have moved to Ecuador and love it, while others are looking to move or have already moved back home. I’m guessing they figured out they really don’t want to know how to live like it’s 1953 again.  

Reality check.  Do what you want, make your decisions based on your own research, enjoy your visit and if you want to stay for awhile, then stay for awhile and if you want to leave, then leave.

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