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Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Someone loves to dance! This was the best wedding party in Ecuador. We got the wedding photos and they are beautiful. The photographer did a wonderful job!
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  1. Absolutely the most beautiful wedding. You could see the JOY in everyones eyes. It was interesting to see so many cakes. But after thinking about it we have tiers which would be the same amount. You did not mention the little girl in the pictures is she Alexandra's? And where are they planning on living now Cuenca? Hope you get lots of visits. So happy to see Grandma was there too what a thrill for her to see her grandson wedding.

    1. Tahnks Lyn. Yes, the wedding was the most beautiful; We weren't fibbing...LOL They are really happy together and very much in love.

  2. Glad to know about this wedding party and hope you had amazing time. I am in search of excellent San Francisco event venues for my nephew’s ring ceremony and got to know about some grand venues. Planning to book the best one soon.


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