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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cultural Differences: I'm Not in a Hurry...Really I'm Not

FYI: Thought our followers might want to know this. YT did not like the title on this video and 45 minutes after uploading it they took it out of the suggestion/subscription areas. We checked it in RT (REAL TIME) and for 40 minutes it stopped getting views right after we put it up and so did our whole channel. Yes, for 40 minutes not one view in our whole channel! This is unprecedented. We've never experienced this before over a title called "cultural differences". As you'll see, after watching the video it has absolutely nothing in the video to merit such a penalize.

This is not just happening to us either but people all over YT because of the ad boycott. Just thought you all might want to know.

We will be writing more about this. We have other things to share More and more people are leaving YT and posting their videos elsewhere.

One of the biggest cultural differences between Latin America and North America is the meaning of time. No hurry, be happy. I was in a hurry the first couple of years of living here but I'm not in a hurry anymore. We know that most stores do not open until 9:30-10am here...just showing our viewers and enjoying the early morning weather.
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