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Monday, April 10, 2017

Ecuador, Musica Latina and Calzone Italiano: GOOD LIVING

Hi guys, what do you get when you pair Latina musica with Italiano Cuisine? An interesting international life abroad and we're enjoying every minute of it during this last month of rainy season. Living the Good Life in Ecuador!
Hello Friends, We have posted something new, several times per week for the last 5 plus years about crucial insights and every day life experiences that provide the other side of living abroad. From us, you'll get REALITY. If you're looking for straight forward answers and honest reporting about life here, you've found it!


  1. Who's Grandma is the lady? She sounds Spanish so maybe Brandon's wife's?

    1. Brandon's grandma and she is Italian.

    2. Ah that explains why she was asking/suggesting things while he was cooking! Just curious if she is living with you guys in Ecuador now?


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