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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

3 Ways to Know You Can Refer Yourself as a Gringcano in Cuenca Ecuador

Gringcano? Yes, we coined that term a few years ago in 2014 and have been referring ourselves to the term ever since we  began interacting with the Cuencanos. They always get a kick out of it; maybe it’s because they find it endearing that we want to be like them; it usually wins them over for some great conversation which is rather enjoyable and usually another learning experience for us in which we ultimately share with you. 

We never stop learning and entertaining new ideas of going local in Ecuador. Life isn’t about stopping and is why we dislike the word “retire”, it sounds like the end but for many folks it is just the beginning.

3 ways to know you can refer yourself as a Gringcano...if you want! There are three ways any gringo can easily become a Gringcano.

1.   You moved to Cuenca
2.   You went local (blend in as much as you can according to your circumstances) for at least 3 years
3.   Feel comfortable with the term when describing yourself 

We suppose now that we have moved to Salinas we can’t call ourselves Gringcanos anymore but we still do when we visit Cuenca. In Salinas we’re Gringinas but have never used the term yet, maybe we ought to, uh?

Just keeping things fun and lighthearted!

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