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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Come Live in the BEST Retirement Paradise on Earth!

What Would the PERFECT Paradise BE Like? Below Video is the article.

As much as retire abroad magazines (RAM) love to turn a place into a paradise with their glowing reports, we all know there is no such thing as a “perfect place” to live. All cities in the world have their pros and cons.

We make our perfect place by knowing ourselves, choosing to have a good attitude and by adapting, and then it can be paradise.  However, just for fun we have put together a perfect paradise according to several different “quality of life” categories, extracted from countries known to be the best at or near best.

What would the best paradise on earth look and feel like?
The perfect paradise would be like this:

  • Postal Services of USA
  • Internet speed and connectivity of South Korea
  • Food of Italy and Mexico
  • Availability of health food and natural products of USA (but cheaper :))
  • Availability of food and its cleanliness of Norway
  • Crime and Safety of South Korea
  • Beauty of New Zealand
  • Public transportation of Hong Kong
  • Yards (green spaces) of USA
  • Outdoor sightseeing and exploration of USA
  • Weather of San Diego USA
  • Real estate market of USA
  • Health care and medical services of Singapore
  • Sports cars of Italy
  •  Watches of Switzerland
  • Online Shopping of USA
  • Laissezfaire of Turks & Caicos 
If we’ve left anything out, feel free to add it in the comments below…

Whenever a travel magazine or person overstates the good qualities of a city or country, remember that along with that comes a dose of reality.

Take a look and you will see that many of these countries we mention above that have something super great about them will also have other things that are not so great. 

Think about this: we’ve listed 11 different countries and likely haven’t even scratched the surface of what could be added to the list from other places to make up the biggest baddest, best earthly retirement paradise. 

Until the next article, take care and have a great week.
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