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Monday, July 24, 2017

Enjoying Li'l Mexico in Cuenca Ecuador - Mexican Foodie VLOG

Mexican food is one of our favorite cuisines and we have searched high and low for tasty and spicy Mexican food in Cuenca Ecuador. Have we found it? No, not eating out. The BEST Mexican food is made in our own kitchen by our son Angelo. 

We have noticed that most Mexican restaurants in South America don't have that umph, if you know what we mean. The food is good here, especially the sauces for the chips but the main dishes are missing that umph, (spicy) plus the portions are small.  The atmosphere was nice and the restaurant was clean, service was good, but we were the only ones in there. LOL....Where was everybody? See our Free Restaurant guide we wrote just for our followers....after watching the video of course. Enjoy!
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