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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Is It Really the Best Place to Retire... for You?

The way we see it, each time a person says something good about a place, it helps others gather information about that place and each time a person says something negative about a place it too helps others gather more information in their decision making process about that place. Good or bad we need to know, right?  

So then knowing that, why can’t most people accept certain details about a country that are known to be factual and true? And why do they become defensive when confronted with the negative details? And why is a positive report taken as truth and a negative report taken as a complaint? 

3 Reasons Why

1.   They do not want their travel bubble popped
2.   They have vested interests in the place – the vested interests love to call the “tell it like it is” folks “complainers and whiners”. 
3.   They just can’t believe that anything could be negative if RAMM (Retire Abroad Media Magazines) says it is the “best place to live.”

Is it really the best place to live...for you? Let's find out.

      Distinguishing between Opinion and Fact

In this live and retire abroad sphere, most people tend to confuse opinion and fact. Today we’re going show you how to distinguish between opinion and fact so you can be a wiser gringo when you decide to travel or move abroad.

If anyone uses these travel abroad terms in videos, writing and seminars then you know it is merely opinion based because it relates to personal feelings, which means it is personal to them and how they feel.  It doesn’t mean you won’t feel the same way but there is a chance you will not feel the same way, especially if you go there and find that it is not the way it is portrayed.

If the majority of people say something good about a place, you still may not feel the same way because each person has their own values and their own degree of comfort levels and their own personal thoughts that let them know that a place is right for them. Besides that, anyone can say anything they want to make a place sound like paradise…RAMM does all the time.

                               10 Examples of Opinions
     (about no place in particular)

1.   The weather is perfect here

2.   This place is paradise

3.   This person/company helped me greatly and I recommend him or her

4.   Nothing has ever happened to me, it’s safe

5.   It’s safe in the tourist areas

6.   There’s no crime here

7.   There’s more crime in the U.S than in blah-blah country

8.   I can’t get all this (referring to housing) in the U.S

9.   This country is better than that country

10. You can live here on $1,000 a month

These are just a few of the examples, but now look at the facts below to negate each one of the above opinions.

After understanding the differences then you can decide if a place is right for you even BEFORE you spend all that money and time to travel there.

                               10 Examples of FACTS
                           (about no place in particular)

1.   The weather is between 50’s for the low and 70’s for the highs and there are more cloudy days than sunny.

2.   Some people think this place is paradise, while others like a totally different climate for their paradise. But when all is said and done…paradise is within our being, not outside of ourselves. 

3.   This person/company provided a great service TO ME, according to MY CIRCUMSTANCES but YOUR SITUATION is different than mine so your experience will be different.

4.   Nothing has ever happened to me but that doesn’t mean it is safe.

5.   It can be safer in the tourist areas but you still have to be watchful.

6.   There is minimal crime here but it does exist

7.   To compare crime with another country, make sure you take into account all of the data, such as population and what type of crime, and only compare with similar countries. For example compare S. American cities with other S. American cities of the same size.

8.   You can live on the beach in the U.S.A for the same or similar prices as you can in these touted developing countries! Facts are in the figures folks.

9.   There is really no country better than another country. We choose where we live according to our own PERSONAL NEEDS and CIRCUMSTANCES and everyone’s situation and needs are different and so it goes without saying that “different places for different people”.

10.  You can live here on whatever your standards of comfort are according to your needs and situation, for some that’s $1,000 per month and for others it’s $3,000 per month.

That’s it friends. We hope this helps you to understand the differences between an opinion and a fact.  Opinions apply to a person’s experience while a fact is something that just is and usually can’t be changed, at least for most things.

Remember that knowing the negatives about a place is a good thing because it makes you all the more wiser and better equipped to make an appropriate decision for you and your loved ones. You still should go and visit and check it out first though, before moving anywhere abroad.

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