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Friday, August 17, 2018

How Your Offshore Freedom and Privacy Are at Stake

How Your Offshore Freedom and Privacy Are at Stake

INTRODUCTION - 15 Minutes with Frank talking to the Offshore business community
1:33 – New regulations for owning an offshore corporation (article)
6:17 – What I think about the article and what it is really saying.
8:59 – Definitions of the types of people who have taken away financial liberty and personal privacy.
10:30 – REAL Definition of transparency - Criminal vs. non criminal in the business world (and yet they are lumped together like they are the same)
11:52 – Who are the two types of people that actually get to remain financially private (obfuscate themselves) in the world.
12:52 - Proper use of PRIVACY
14:34 Conclusion - What this whole transparency thing has led up to and has become for you, "the people".


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