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Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Venezuelan Effect in Cuenca Ecuador August 2018 VLOG

What kind of an effect has the influx of Venezuelans entering Ecuador had, if any? Venezuelans have been migrating to Ecuador since 2016 and curiously, statistics say violent crime has improved. Bigger-better police force accounts for the improvement. However, petty crime is still alive and well in Cuenca and if you do anything to make yourself a target, you will become a victim. 

Quito has more Venezuelans that live there and are trying to eke out a living for their family...so you're going to notice more of an impact over there than in Cuenca. There are Venezuelans that are passing through Cuenca to get to Peru right now where it has been said, "easier to find work".  

Since creating this video we are now finding out that Venezuelans (without passports) are once again allowed to enter into Ecuador using valid ID that is recognizable by the government of Ecuador. Source: https://www.efe.com/
 August 26, 2018.          

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