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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Why Wait Until You're Too Old, Sick and Tired? Have the LIfe You Want Now!

Why wait until you're too old, sick and tired? Make Your Money Work for You Today and Have the Life You Want Now! What can you do to start enjoying your life more now? Well, you can let go of one expenditure that is costing more than you would like every month on your budget. 

Ask yourself, "Do I really need this"? But it's not really about the things we have as much as our attitude that we think we need all of these things in our life to make us happy...that's why letting go of one thing at a time and little by little, you'll likely come to know that you really can do without it. Frugal lives a comfortable lifestyle but not extravagant. 

Example: When we moved abroad, giving up our car and all the expenses that came along with it, was not just a huge burden off our shoulders but a huge, huge expense out of our budget. At first not having a car was a bit strange because in the U.S we NEED them to get around, but most places abroad the transportation is so good that we don't need them...so we said bye, bye car. It was one of the best decisions we've ever made. 

There are many examples of materialism and wastefulness that people can do without and actually be happier without it/them. For us keeping our rent low has been a blessing and we still use all of the furniture we built almost 8 years ago! We could go on and on but we're living the good life, what about you? 

Watch the video, which is an outline of "Why Wait for Retirement?" If you want more details, the complete article can be found here.


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