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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Is Mexico a Third World Country? If It Does NOT Provide THIS, It Is!

Is Mexico a Third World Country? Does the Place provide THIS? I got the idea for this video when yesterday a YT creator said in a video to thousands of viewers that Mexico is a first world country? Here's what we have to say about that.


  1. Clearly you are making a common gringo mistake here, and it's more of an issue to do do with semantics.

    I'm sure that even you can see that the criteria for first-world-nation status is somewhat culturally biased.

    Now if you will simply adapt your criteria and replace the availability of clean drinking water sources with the availability of Salsa dancing venues, I think you will find that Mexico is mucho mas the first world nation than even the USA.

    1. Yes, many things on the Internet are skewed and biased. Our reasons for stating that Mexico is a 3rd world country is not just because of the drinking water but for various reasons. However, when most of the population do not have clean water to drink right out of the tap and they can't take showers without potentially getting bacteria and parasites then that is not anywhere near being a first world country.

      The crime in Mexico is very high, just the last week 2 Americans were murdered. you do realize Nick, that they withhold crime from the general public because of tourism. If it wasn't for tourism many of these hyped up towns and cities in Mexico would not be able to sustain themselves.

      The people are also too patriotic to see the problems with their country because they are in la la land and that means they themselves have been brainwashed by their own corrupt, 3rd world government perspective.

      Children are dying BC of a dirty river and yet most people just keep sweeping it under the rug. That's sad and pathetic.

      Health care in Mexico is not that great for the poor people...they're dying while expats live in their $350,000 houses overlooking the lake that made the poor children sick. The government isn't doing anything about it...all they care about is the money coming in...kids are on waiting lists for kidneys at the hospitals that most will never receive because they're poor. Expats just pay in cash (because they have it) or they supply their medical insurance and they get the standard healthcare that Mexico provides...the poor don't get much of anything.

      The government only supplies city water to the villages about 4 hours per week, the rest of the time they subsist from little makeshift pools and wells that come from the lake that is making them all sick!

      Mexico has a long way to go before it is anything like the U.S.A.

      There are innocent children dying in the tourist neighborhoods and all anyone cares about is tourism, lake levels, first world status, their $350k houses over looking polluted lake Chapala! SAD and PATHETIC!


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