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Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Best Way to Keep Your Stuff from Getting Stolen in Latin American Hotel Rooms!

The Best Way to Keep Your Stuff from Getting Stolen in Latin American Hotel Rooms!  What do you do when you're traveling and you want to leave your room and go adventuring around the new area you're in? Will it be safe to leave your valuables such as computers in the room, and what about using the hotel safe? Are hotel safes, safe? Hotel safes are not recommended by us at all and we do not use them. (Video of why we do not use hotel safes coming soon!)

We try and travel with the least amount of valuables as possible but sometimes that is hard to do.  The best way we have found is to simply not allow anyone to enter the room and that also includes the maids. So, this is what we do and have been doing for years and so far it has worked.  I think it works because the help is intimidated by it; they're not used to it; no one does it! But now we share with you!

PS...some items such as passports should never be left in the room, even when you use this method because it's still not 100% guaranteed the maids will not enter the room. (We explain in detail in video coming up what to do with your passport!) We're not implying that all maids are thieves but a small percentage of them are, face it, that's reality.

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